Our business model

An international risk boutique offering ad-hoc solutions to our customers

AmTrust Insurance Spain’s clients are national or multinational groups in industries such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, gaming and services.

The profile of our preferred client is a medium-sized profitable company with the ability, caliber and necessary capital to withstand adverse economic and competitive pressures. Our dedicated support in overseas markets, however complex, is a differentiating factor that sets us apart from our competitors and forms the basis of our global vision and our corporate mission.

Special programs, designed ad-hoc for our clients’ bond needs, are developed according to local country requirements and cover both technical and financial risks. Research, development and innovation are the keys to our strategy.


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Our underwriting procedure


Policyholder Analysis

  • Technical and professional capability of the company

  • Study of major shareholders

  • Review of financial statements & accounts as well as management reports

  • Current projects and those in the pipeline

  • Ethical analysis rating

  • Credit insurance policies

  • Business and strategic plans of the company

  • Private business reports

Analysis of the feasibility of the project in relation to the required bond

  • Technical feasibility:
    • Project timetable
    • Human and material resources
    • This analysis can be performed by our in-house underwriting team or by external engineering firms

  • Economic feasibility:
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Funding requirements
    • Financial resources of the policyholder

  • Legal feasibility of the project:
    • Analysis of the legal components of the project, adapted to the regulatory framework of the country where the risk is located

Presentation to the Underwriting Committee and definition of conditions

  • After in-depth analysis of both the policyholder and the feasibility of the project, the decision-making process takes place in our headquarters via underwriting committees.

Our reinsurance panel

Hannover Re
Hannover, Germany

Liberty Specialty Markets
London, UK

Qatar Reinsurance Company LLC
Doha, Qatar

Ironshore Inc.
Miami, US

Atradius Reinsurance Ltd.
Dublin, Ireland

R + V Versicherung AG
Wiesbaden, Germany

Reaseguradora Patria SA
Mexico City, Mexico